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Fager Otto Combinaton Mouthpiece -- Carl Titanium

Fager Otto Combinaton Mouthpiece -- Carl Titanium

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Meet the Otto Hackamore Combination Bit – It's Your Horse's Next-Level Riding Gear!

Otto is a game-changer. It works like a combination bit, giving your horse top-notch performance.

Why Choose Otto:

  • Versatility: You can switch the mouthpiece and nosepiece at home for a custom fit.
  • Balanced Control: Otto spreads the pressure gently across your horse's mouth, poll, chin, and nose, making it steady and easy to handle. Take off the stabilizer for more flexibility.
  • Easy Customization: You can adjust the chain/curb strap, nosepiece, mouthpiece, and shank length without taking off the bridle.
  • Safety First: Otto locks securely to keep your horse safe while you ride.
  • Three Shank Lengths: Pick short, medium, or long shanks to match your riding style.

Quick Tips:

  • Lock It Up: Always make sure the shank is locked before you start.
  • No Pinching: Remove the mouthpiece stabilizer if you're not using it to avoid any discomfort.
  • Smart Setup: When locking the stabilizer, keep the screw away from your horse's teeth.
  • Right Fit: Go for a mouthpiece one size bigger for the best fit.
  • Safety Matters: You can use Otto without a mouthpiece as a hackamore, but never without a nosepiece or chain/curb strap. Remember to always add a curb strap on the lower shank when using Otto without a mouthpiece to stabilize the shanks.

Experience better riding with the Otto Hackamore Combination Bit. Upgrade your ride today!

(Note: Chain included; curb straps, mouthpieces, and nosepieces sold separately.)

Please note that the mouthpieces and nosepieces are not included; you have to buy them separately.

The Otto Hackamore Combination bit is a special design. It works as a combination bit. You can change the mouthpieces and nosepieces from Fagers at home. Make your perfect bit with Otto!

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