Expert Bit and Bridle Fitting

Dr Ginny-Marie Bradley. BSc. MSc. Ph.D HBF and LANTRA Qualified bit and bridle fitter. Fully Insured and member of The Equine Accredited Professionals Ethos Register (EAPER). Registered on the Equine Fitters Directory.

Based at Millstream Saddlery Beaver Hall Equestrian Centre Leek ST13 7EZ.

I am based in Staffordshire at Beaver Hall Equestrian Centre, Leek. I cover Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and further if required. Consultations will last around 1 and a half hours but if you need longer I will continue the consultation and wont cut you off. You can try as many bits and bridles as you need to.

I also offer a bit hire service so you can try bits and not have to pay lots of money for bits that dont work!
I have a large stock of new and secondhand bits for you to trial, buy or use during a constulation!

About Me

Have you ever experienced any one or more of the following with your horse?

✔️ head tossing, tilting or shaking
✔️ head up in the air
✔️ head too low
✔️ tongue sticking out
✔️ tongue over the bit
✔️ horse not accepting the bit
✔️ horse not going into a rounded outline or avoiding the contact
✔️ not responding to rein aids
✔️ exhibiting bad behaviour I.E rearing, napping or bucking
✔️ mouth opening
✔️ chomping or playing with the bit
✔️ excessive salivation
✔️ lack of attention
✔️ rubs head or nose after work or taking the bridle off

If your horse shows signs of any of these then you need to book an appointment!


  • Qualified for PSG

    I was so impressed with the range of bits and different bridles available plus the time and help we were given. Very knowledgeable and lovely with my horse. Highly recommended
    Thank you so much - wouldn’t have dreamed possible in a snaffle. No mouth problems and not on the forehand

  • Game Changer!!

    I recently had a consultation with The Bit Doctor, main issues were head tossing, wiping face on legs, unable to hold my horse back, busy mouth, head tilting to evade the bit.

    My first thought was that I needed something “stronger” to be able to hold her. The Bit Doctor carried out a full evaluation of both me and my horse. My bit was too big, it was rubbing on her cheek, she couldn’t cope with the joint in the middle even though it was just a snaffle. The Bit Doctor was extremely thorough, we settled on a Beris bit, complete game changer! I’ve been out to dressage this morning, picked up more points and at no point have I had to pull my mare to stop her scooting off, she was far more relaxed and therefore so was I.

    So pleased with the service from The Bit Doctor, highly recommend. Thank you 😊

  • Highly Recommended

    The Team have been amazing with my horses and I, from finding clothing that fits me (hourglass figure) to the correct to bridle to help with my mare who is rather sensitive. Everything I have purchased/ ordered for them has been too quality, fast delivery handled with care
    I have been playing around with bits for my girl to find the correct one, Ginny spotted I had the wrong size which we quickly corrected with her guidance on sizing, with the shape of her head.
    Ginny, Karen and Tony have been so helpful, they have been amazing to finding products , give advice , friendship and it’s nice to speak to them when I have a query or stumped about something that even my friends don’t know.
    I highly recommend them to anyone at my stables, family and friends because they are the best (in my mind). If she was local to me I’d definitely be in the shop everyday the team would be sick of me lol.

    Thankyou Ginny and all the team for all your hard work and dedication. And I can’t wait to book Ginny to come my way to see Dixie and tricka for an in person bit fitting.

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  • EAPER ETHOS registered

  • HBF Qualification

  • LANTRA Qualification

  • Registered Equine Fitter

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