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Millstream Saddlery

Beris Butterfly Kimblewick butterfly flip bit

Beris Butterfly Kimblewick butterfly flip bit

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Effective combination of influence on the horse‘s lower jaw, pressure on the poll and change location inside the horse‘s mouth. Three different strap up options allow a well-regulation of the bit. The side parts of the bit offer a certain weight, which quiets and re- laxes nervous horses.

The Butterfly Snaffle is an absolute innova- tion in regard of mouth pieces. The anato- mically correct form in combination with a broader surface in the tongue area offers this sensitive muscle the optimal amount of room space with a very soft influence at the same time. The horses show their wellbeing with more chewing activity and an increased acceptance of the bit. If an increased effet of the horse´s mouth is necessary a leverage acting cheek may be helpful.

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