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Bombers Hybrid Combination Happy Tongue Bit

Bombers Hybrid Combination Happy Tongue Bit

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The Bomber Hybrid is a combination of a mechanical hackamore and American Gag, giving it the combined effects of the hackamore and the bit.  Ideal for strong sensitive mouthed horses as it distributes pressure uniformly on the nose, mouth and the poll. The reins can be attached at various positions to allow for varying degrees of leverage. The amount of movement in the mouthpiece can be altered by moving the stopper above the mouthpiece. The nose piece is padded for the horse’s comfort and a nylon curb strap is included.

The Happy Tongue is a solid mouthpiece uniquely ported to give maximum tongue relief. The standard Happy Tongue is curved to be softer on the bars and slow in applying tongue pressure.


This is a sophisticated combination bit, suitable for experienced riders for use on a strong but sensitive horse, the adjustable settings offered for rein attachments will vary pressure on the nose, tongue and curb. Care must be taken that, as with any mechanical hackamore, the noseband sits above the nasal bone.


This is by far our most successful design  –  we recommend for all young horses and those that show tongue sensitive signs. The 4 available ports have been scaled according to each width. This ensures accurate fitting over the bars and eliminates the rocking movement which occurs when the port is too wide.The Happy Tongue is also available as a straight mouthpiece which is slightly stronger.

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