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The Bit Doctor

Fager bit tape wrap

Fager bit tape wrap

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Essential for Every Equestrian's Tack Room!

Fager's Self-Adhesive Cushion Wrap transforms your metal bit into softer surface. Ideal for sensitive horses who need to accept the bit with ease.


Simple Application Just wrap the bit and cut to your desired length – it’s that easy!

Enhanced Stability and Acceptance Tailor-made for the comfort of sensitive horses.

Supple Bounce Will create an ultra-smooth, super-soft surface.

Latex-Free Composition Crafted to ensure no allergic reactions.

Pro Tip! Enhance with Friction Gel in Carrot or Apple taste, for a flavored coating that further encourages bit acceptance.

Dimensions: 5 cm x 120 cm

Material: Polyvinyl

Transform your horse’s bit into a tool of comfort with Frager's Cushion Wrap – where innovation meets equine care.

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