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Neue Schule

Neue Schule Turtle Tactio Flex T Half Cheek Snaffle Bit

Neue Schule Turtle Tactio Flex T Half Cheek Snaffle Bit

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Turtle Tactio™ with Flex

Specifically engineered to accommodate the larger or sensitive tongue.  Often negates the need to shut the mouth. The bold Turtle Tactio mouthpiece design focuses rein pressure to the central part of the tongue whilst diverting pressure away from the sensitive regions near the bars. The unique central ‘Turtle’ link brings the proximal ends of the cannons to their closest separation possible. The Flex ™ concept of widening the surfaces that lie parallel to the plane of the tongue reduces the pressure further. With any kind of noseband the closed mouth easily accommodates the mouthpiece whose effective thickness in the region of the interdental space is the smallest in the Neue Schule range.

FlexT Half-Cheek

The Half-Cheek reinforces the rein aid for turning and straightness. Preferred by the driving fraternity and under saddle as unlike the Full Cheek noseband interference and upper cheek rubs are eradicated. A comfy mouthpiece that takes up very little room between the bars, tongue, and upper palate. Also, very popular with young horses when working towards a soft consistent contact.

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